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Dental Crowns in Van Wert: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

May 8, 2017

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Dental crowns in Van Wert restore damaged and decayed teeth.When some people hear “crown,” they think of royalty — but as your trusted local dentist, we’ve got something else in mind. Dental crowns in Van Wert are a wonderful solution to a number of dental health problems, and Dr. Nick Shuff provides sturdy, natural-looking crowns from the comfort of Westwood Family Dentistry. When do you need a crown, and how are they completed? Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of your next dental restoration.

When Is a Dental Crown Necessary?

Simple fillings or inlays/onlays (indirect fillings) can solve a lot of issues, but for more significant decay or damage, a dental crown is usually the best answer. Also called a “cap,” a crown is a thin covering that is created according to the specific dimensions of your tooth.

A crown can be made from a number of materials, including porcelain, porcelain fused-to-metal, gold, or metal alloys. The best material for the crown depends on the location of the affected tooth. Teeth in the front of the smile are best restored with a natural-looking ceramic/porcelain, while back teeth usually benefit from sturdier gold or metal.

You may need a dental crown if you have any of the following.

  • Broken tooth
  • Weak or worn tooth
  • Severely decayed tooth
  • Have just had root canal therapy
  • A missing tooth (crown restores a dental implant)

What’s the Procedure for a Crown?

If you need a dental crown, we’ll schedule you two visits at Westwood Family Dentistry. During the first, we will put together your treatment plan and reshape your tooth to make room for a crown. Dr. Shuff will remove tooth enamel so that the base of the tooth is wider than the top. Then, impressions and x-rays will be taken. This information will be sent to the lab where the crown is manufactured according to your specific needs. You will wear a temporary restoration in the time between appointments.

Once the crown is ready, you will return to our office for its final placement. Dr. Shuff will remove the temporary and checks to make sure the new crown functions properly. Final adjustments can be made and the crown is then bonded into place — and the process is complete!

Taking Care of Your Dental Crown

After your tooth is restored with a dental crown, you’ll find that maintenance is not so different from what you are already used to. Continue to brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day, and floss daily (make sure your flossing technique is in check!). Concentrate on the area at the base of the crown to prevent the buildup of plaque and bacteria.

With proper care, your dental crown can stay sturdy for years. No restoration, however, lasts forever and ever. We will continue to check in on your existing dental work in follow-up exams and cleanings, so make sure you stay on top of your six month visits to Westwood Family Dentistry. Notify your dentist if you have problems with your dental crown.

Let’s Book Your Appointment Today!

If you have tooth damage or decay that can’t be fixed with a simple filling or inlay/onlay, you may need a dental crown. The next question is, “Where’s the dentist near me providing high quality dental crowns?” He’s Dr. Shuff at Westwood Family Dentistry! Go ahead and make an excellent decision for your oral health. We invite you to schedule an appointment today! 

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