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Where is a Dentist Near Me that I Can Trust?

June 28, 2017

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Where is the best dentist near me?Your home oral hygiene habits are critical to preventing common dental problems, like tooth decay; however, they are only half to the care you need. The American Dental Association recommends that you schedule an appointment for a cleaning and checkup every six months. These routine visits are vital to protecting the health of your teeth and gums. To receive the attention you need, you are probably asking, “Where is the best dentist near me?” Look no further. Westwood Family Dental provides the comprehensive, personalized services you depend on to maintain a beautiful smile.

Why Do I Need to Visit the Dentist Regularly?

Just as brushing and flossing prevent tooth decay and gum disease, your oral hygiene appointments serve the same purpose. Even with the best home care, there are still areas in the mouth you are unable to clean on your own, like below the gum line. You need to have a professional cleaning twice a year to remove plaque and tartar accumulations from these hard-to-reach places.

After a cleaning, a comprehensive checkup is performed to monitor your dental health. This allows oral concerns to be diagnosed and treated early to prevent the need for costly and invasive treatments in the future. With quick intervention, you will lessen the risk for irreversible damage to the teeth and gums.

Where Can I Find the Best Dentist?

You have many excellent options when choosing a new dental office. As your dentist in Van Wert, we want to ensure you pick the right one to meet your individual needs. There are key areas you need to consider prior to making your final selection.

Qualification: Not all dentists can meet your needs because they will constantly change. You need one who has extensive qualifications to offer an array of services. Dr. Nick Shuff earned his Doctorate of Medical Dentistry from the Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine. He furthered his education to include advanced dental technologies, Endodontics, and oral surgery.

Services: You have specific oral health requirements that change over the years. Choose a dentist who offers complete dental services. In addition to general dentistry, look for areas of specialty, such as cosmetic, restorative, and implant dentistry. Dr. Shuff offers the care you need that is complimented by the most advanced technologies.

Reviews: To ensure a dentist will provide you with the services you deserve, look for online reviews and testimonials. You will gain first-hand insight into the experiences of past and current patients to learn more about the care you will receive.

Affordability: To maintain your regular appointments, you do not want the cost of treatment to stand in your way. We understand that money can be an issue, which is why we strive to keep care affordable. We work with many dental insurances while also accepting third-party financing to help you pay for your dental needs.

Who is the Right Dentist for Me?

At Westwood Family Dental, we strive to provide complete high-quality care that caters to your specific needs. We will treat you with the integrity you deserve. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.


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