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Dental Insurance – Van Wert, OH

Making Dentistry Services Affordable

It’s imperative that all our patients have access to high-quality dental care. Whether you have dental insurance through your employer or on your own, the team at Westwood Family Dental will be happy to file your claim and submit it on your behalf. Keeping your dental treatment affordable and within your budget is a priority, so let a dentist in Van Wert help alleviate some of your out-of-pocket costs and help get you the most out of your benefits!

How Dental Insurance Works

In general, most insurances work off the same familiar set up: deductibles and yearly maximums. Dental insurance is no different. Each year, you must reach the minimum amount (deductible) before insurance will begin paying for services. There is also the yearly maximum you must consider and keep in mind not to go over.

Although every dental insurance policy is different, you can expect that most dental insurances will offer the following coverage:

What is the Different Between Dental and Medical Insurance?

Oftentimes, especially when a procedure is to be done, it can be difficult trying to determine if it should fall under dental or medical insurance. Keep the following in mind: medical insurance helps treat existing problems, emergencies, or serious problems. Dental insurance focuses on prevention of problems.

When a problem arises in your oral cavity, the problem won’t typically go away on its own. If left untreated, it can worsen quickly, leading to more damage and additional money spent on dental work. Dental insurance is designed to focus on preventive care so that you can avoid major or serious problems in the future.

In-Network vs. Out of Network

At Westwood Family Dental, we are proud to work with various dental insurance companies. Our team will work closely with you to help you better understand your plan, maximize your coverage, and get you the most out of your benefits.

In-Network Coverage

By opting to choose an in-network provider, you are ensuring that you will receive the entirety of your benefits you are eligible for. As an in-network provider, we have pre-negotiated our rates with the insurance provider, so you receive the maximum amount of savings.

Below is a list of the dental insurance companies we work with in-network:

Out of Network

It may be possible for you to receive many of the same benefits if you visit an out of network dentist. Our dental office accepts PPO insurance plans, and Melanie, a proud member of the Westwood Family Dental team, will be more than happy to assist in taking care of any necessary paperwork by filing and following up on claims. This will ensure that you maximize your benefits.